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Rotational Shelter

Family Promise's community-based response to helping homeless families breakdown barriers to employment, childcare and housing.

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Family Promise offers a unique shelter experience from traditional shelters.  First, we use a rotating shelter design, as Family Promise partners with 13 faith-based organizations.  These organizations provide free shelter, meals, and social support for client families as they rotate locations every seven days.  Also, we are unique in that we do not separate families based on gender, regardless of the age of the children; we believe that it is imperative to keep family units intact.

During the program, case managers create an individualized plan of care for each family, working to eliminate the barriers to employment and housing stability.


Barriers can include:


  • Lack of childcare

  • Limited employment resources

  • Car repairs and transportation problems

  • Unpaid utility bills

  • Unpaid traffic tickets

  • Poor credit

In the evenings, families attend financial literacy training, life skills, parenting, general counseling, hygiene, and community safety classes also provided by case managers.

In 2021, Family Promise clients increased their average credit scores from less than 500 to over 540 throughout their time in the program.  Time spent with case managers during this program is essential for families to build and educational foundation that sets them up for future housing stability success.

Participating Congregations

Please click here if you would like to learn how to become a participating congregation.


Host Congregations (places of worship that physically house our families each week):

​Support Congregations (places of worship that provide volunteers for Host Congregations)

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