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Make It Personal. Volunteer.

There are lots of ways for volunteers to participate in Family Promise and however much time you donate is up to you! Training and orientation are provided for all volunteers.  For assistance in volunteering please contact
Shannon Pickerel at


Volunteer at the Day Center

If you'd like to help out during the day, volunteer at our Day Center in Roswell! Our Day Center is open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, except federal holidays.


Duties include:

  • Clerical tasks such as making copies, updating spreadsheets

  • Entering statistics

  • Answering/making phone calls

  • Cleaning toys, the kitchen, or the nap room

  • Assisting any guest families at the Day Center

  • And more!

Volunteer Alongside Our Guests

If you'd like to volunteer alongside our guests, email our Volunteer Manager at in order to get in touch with our current Host Congregation.


These volunteer opportunities will be after 5:30pm on weekdays or on weekend and will include the following duties:

  • Bringing dinner

  • Serving dinner

  • Spending time with the guests

  • Staying overnight with the guests (in the host room; each family has their own private room)

  • Bringing dry goods (this could be done anytime of the day)

Volunteer as a Family

Family Promise is a very family-friendly volunteer opportunity! Make and serve a dinner as a family or have a “sleep over”  with  your kids at the congregations!  There are many safe and fun ways to engage your children in volunteering for Family Promise and learning about homelessness.

Volunteer Coordinator

Each Host and Support Congregation has a volunteer who coordinates hosting activities for their congregation. Volunteer Coordinators work closely with Family Promise staff to meet the needs of guest families.

Volunteer for Special Events/Board Committees

Family Promise needs many volunteers who are interested in assisting with special events or serving on a Board committee.

Train Guest Families

Teach classes in parenting, budgeting, nutrition, computer skills, art or anything else you can dream up!

Ready to Volunteer?

Complete the following steps: 

1. Fill Out a Confidentiality Agreement
Every volunteer must fill out a confidentiality agreement in order to protect the personal identities of our guests. 
Download the Confidentiality Agreement PDF

2. Fill Out a Background Check Consent Form
All volunteers not referred by a host or support congregation must complete this document.
Download the Background Check Consent Form PDF

3. Email Documents

Once you are through filling out the Confidentiality Agreement and the Background Check Consent Form, email to

Family Promise-mom and son

“Each time we make room for strangers, we chip away at the fear and isolation and heartbreak in our world. We also get to participate in something that is life giving, both to us and the people we welcome.”

Volunteer from Family Promise 

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