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Who We Are

Our mission is to help homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence.

Family Promise Fights Homelessness... One Family at a Time!

Family Promise serves families who are at risk of or are currently suffering from homelessness through one of three programs: Emergency Response, Rotational Shelter, or Housing Stabilization.  


Families with children are the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population and children experience life-altering adverse effects. Research shows that anxiety and depression among homeless children is common and leads to development delays and poor academic performance.  At Family Promise we believe it is imperative to prevent or reverse homelessness for children as quickly as possible to avoid these negative consequences. 

To most, situationally homeless families are difficult to spot as they appear just like any "normal American family" but when out of sight, they seek shelter in their cars or by "couch surfing" with family or friends.  They are struggling through a difficult financial crisis, but one in which we can help. 


Family Promise is a national organization with over 200 affiliates that serve thousands of children and hundreds of families.  Each affiliate works to build a strong future for our families through providing temporary housing, case management, and hospitality. With the help of a network and hundreds of congregational volunteers, our families experience feelings of newfound hope and possibility.


Our promises and goals:

  • Family Promise seeks to help secure permanent housing and self-sufficiency for families with children as quickly as possible.

  • Family Promise  provides financial literacy and life skill training to interrupt the cycle of poverty.

  • Family Promise is sensitive to all families of all ethnicities and backgrounds who are homeless or experiencing a life-changing crisis.  

  • Family Promise keeps family units intact during their housing crisis to lessen the trauma experienced by both adults and children.

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