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Willow- (November 2023)



Willow, mother of four, faced immense challenges as she juggled two jobs to provide for her family. The sudden loss of one job left her struggling to make ends meet on a single paycheck. Lacking the support of extended family, desperation set in, and with the relentless rise in gas and grocery prices, Willow and her children found themselves ousted from their home, forced to seek refuge in their car.


In the midst of adversity, Willow's resilience and hard work shone through, making it obvious that she and her children were the perfect candidates for our Family Promise Rotational Shelter program. This program could provide the helping hand that she needed until she could secure additional income. One challenge for her was that her teenage son, feeling the weight of their circumstances, chose to stay with a friend, further complicating their already challenging journey.


But fortune smiled on Willow soon after joining our program, as a promising opportunity with the United Postal Service emerged. Not only did they offer employment, but they also supported her during their paid training program, where she gained valuable skills. With Family Promise’s support of gas cards and relief from rent and food expenses, Willow quickly began saving for her family’s future housing. In addition, she worked to attend all of Family Promise’s financial literacy classes, where she was able to hone her budgeting skills, transforming her financial situation.


The next step in her journey emerged after she interviewed and was accepted into the Home Stretch Transitional Living Program, and Family Promise was thrilled to celebrate her well-deserved success. 


Reunited with her son, Willow's little family is now whole again, thanks to her determination and the support she received. Despite the challenges, Willow continues to persevere, holding onto both jobs until her position at the Post Office evolves into a full-time opportunity. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of resilience, hard work, and the support of programs designed to uplift those in need.

Annie’s Story  (August 2023)

It was a hot summer day when Annie and her two young children showed up on the Family Promise doorsteps. She had spent the last of her money for an Uber ride to our day center. We could not turn them away in the heat we were having that day. They had no transportation and nothing but the clothes on their backs. They were hot, hungry and the children had soiled diapers. Annie asked us if she could use our restrooms to change diapers and get cleaned up.

What Annie shared with us next is that she was homeless because she was leaving a relationship that was not healthy for her and her two young babies. She needed help in navigating this very scary new territory so she could create the quality of life that her children deserved. Like many of the guest families we serve, her extended family was not able to help; it was just her and her children now.

We knew we needed to do something for Annie, but our shelter was full. With funds from our Emergency Response program and a collaborated effort with The Grove Way Community Group we have been able to secure a hotel room, essential items such as food, diapers, clothing, medical costs, job coaching and transportation for the past several weeks.

Our family advocate, Wanda Hunter, has been with her every step of the way providing case management and resources. Most of all, Wanda has empowered this young mother to reach the goals set in place for her to succeed. We are excited to announce that Annie has gone through the interview process with The Mary Hall Freedom House, an agency that provides transitional living for single mothers and their children. Annie is waiting for her apartment to be available in the next couple weeks and we look forward to watching her continue her journey.

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