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Emergency Response

The Family Promise program developed to prevent homelessness before it begins.


The Emergency Response program was developed to serve more individuals than the Rotational Shelter program capacity allows.  Families currently experiencing a financial crisis which has put them at risk for or already suffering from homelessness can call into the Emergency Response line for assistance.  

Family Promise case managers provide either preventative or diversion services to every qualified individual that calls in requesting help.  Prevention services include gas or food cards and occasionally a one-week motel stay.  In 2022, case managers helped with prevention of 30 families (180 individuals).  


Diversion services include referral to an appropriate sister or government program for immediate help.  In 2022, case managers helped divert 550 families (2346 individuals).

A long-term goal for Family Promise is to more consistently offer preventative services that include one-month rent supplementation or one-week motel stay for those individuals that meet requirements. Preventing homelessness before it begins is imperative, as in current economic times, having a record of eviction makes obtaining future housing nearly impossible.

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